Color Sensor: The Color Sensor is basically the eye of the robot. With the color sensor, you can follow line & stop at a line. Here are pictures of the Spike Prime version & the Ev3 version(left Spike Prime,right Ev3):

Ultrasonic Sensor: The Ultrasonic Sensor senses how far a wall is. Not many teams in FLL use this sensor, but if you’re creative enough, you can find a way to use this sensor to your advantage.  The pictures above are the color sensors for

Touch Sensor: The Touch Sensor is a sensor that helps you activate something when the touch sensor is triggered. For example, when you trigger the touch sensor, it will do this. The touch sensor helps you wall square if you put it in the right place in your robot.

Infrared Sensor:measure distance or detect signals that are sent from the infrared beacon. The infrared sensor can be used to measure the proximity to the beacon (remote) or an object. Proximity means how close an object is to something. For example, the apple is in close proximity with the TV. There is no Spike Prime version but there is an Ev3 sensor.