What is FIRST

FIRST is an abbreviation. It stands for: For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology. It has robots, but it’s so much more! It helps build gracious professionalism & coopertition. It’s a hands-on program with 3 key parts.

All of these will be looked for in your team when you go into your judging session. You will have a presentation of what you have accomplished and the judges will ask questions.

There are  5 stages in the FLL competition system:

Regional: You will see teams from your region. This is the easiest competition to qualify from, but not all teams make the cut.

District: You will see teams that have qualified from regionals & some teams in your district

States: Every team in your state that has made it this far will compete for a chance to go to an invitational or the actual world festival

Invitationals: You will have the chance to represent your state  at an Invitational. Usually it’s all the states in the U.S & some international teams

World: You will represent your state at the world festival. It’s a big honor. All the states in the U.S & most international countries that do FLL will be there.