Positive Protons Competes At The Northeast Ohio District Qualifier

Positive Protons Competes At The Northeast Ohio District Qualifier

On the exhilarating day of January 13, 2024, we eagerly participated in an FLL competition that would test our skills, teamwork, and determination. The day was filled with various activities, from judging sessions to practice runs, and interactions with other teams like the Double Digits, Robocats and the Titanium Tacos.

We kicked off the day with judging at 8:30 AM. We showcased our hard work, innovative ideas, and problem-solving abilities to the judges. The positive atmosphere and supportive environment set the tone for the day, boosting our  team’s confidence. After a successful judging session, we  engaged in a practice run at 11:00 AM. Despite the pressure, we exhibited comradery and determination, pushing through challenges and refining our strategies for the upcoming robot runs.

In between the intense competition schedule, we took a well-deserved break to engage in some team bonding activities. Uno and soccer became the games of choice, creating moments of laughter and camaraderie. The interactions extended beyond our own team as we played with other teams, fostering a sense of community within the robotics competition.

A highlight of the day was our team’s lunch break, where we indulged in delicious tacos. We along with fellow teams like the Robocats shared stories and enjoyed a hearty meal together. The positive energy from the lunch break fueled our team’s excitement for the upcoming challenges.

As the afternoon unfolded, we eagerly attended the opening ceremony. The anticipation and excitement were palpable as we looked forward to showcasing our robot’s capabilities during the timed runs. The team’s spirit was unwavering, and we were ready to face the challenges ahead.

We embarked on three timed runs with our robot, facing unexpected challenges that led to a performance slightly below our usual standard. Despite the setbacks, our team embraced the experience with positivity and resilience, acknowledging that every competition is an opportunity to learn and grow.

During the nerve-wracking award ceremony, we experienced a mix of anxiety and excitement. To our surprise and immense joy, we were honored with the title of Champions Finalist, securing our spot for the state championship. The sense of accomplishment and pride filled our team, reinforcing the idea that perseverance and teamwork are key ingredients for success in the world of FLL competitions.

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